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May 14, 2021

Gumar takes a moment out of his very busy schedule to talk with us about time management, working with artists, upcoming releases and very chill vibes. Head of local label Bed of Roses, host of a weekly radio show on Freeform FM, a livestream, and many ongoing mixes, edits and remixes, Gumar finds a way to do what he loves, support the local community while also working with international artists, producers and djs. Seemingly always laid back, Gumar gets a lot done and still has time to create groovy jams under his Break Mode pseudonym, blending smooth jams with touching, emotional atmospherics that are at home in any bed, dancefloor or lounge.
Intro: Break Mode - Wash One - Wash One
Outro: Break Mode - Wash One - Stabs (Sound Believer Mix)
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