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Jun 4, 2021

In this episode we meet t0k4 - Nathaniel Alexander. We talk about the emotional content of his music, starting over, his journey which reaches through the music industry, tugboats, the military, loss and family. Evolving as an artist, control, grief and a fast-moving mind all play a part in the t0k4 sound and creative process. Currently DJing out as Nate Aries as well as doing live performances under the t0k4 moniker, Nate still finds time to complete his studies in music through the Sonic Arts and Music Production (SAMP) program at PSU.
Intro: t0k4 - Dissociation - Loose Wire
Outro: t0k4 - Self Inflicted Meditation - Ego(death) Summer
Twitter + Instagram: @t0k4music
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